Great Lakes Coordination

Program or Topic Area Leader

Rick Hobrla


The Great Lakes Coordination Program within Michigan’s Office of the Great Lakes is an effective catalyst for actions to protect and restore the world’s premier freshwater ecosystem, ensuring environmental integrity and supporting healthy, economically viable communities. We lead state agency efforts and collaboration among our local, regional, and international partners to improve stewardship and sustainability so that the Great Lakes will continue to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations.

Program Expertise

  • Physical — Hydrologic — Restoration / BMP
  • Physical — Geomorphology — Lakeshore processes
  • Chemical — Water Quality (nutrients, pH, DO, etc.) — Restoration / BMP
  • Chemical — Pollutants / Contaminants — Removal / Restoration / Remediation
  • Biological — General Community Structures — Habitat restoration
  • Biological — General Community Structures — Cumulative human impacts
  • Biological — Invasive Species — Control / Prevention
  • Biological — Invasive Species — Impacts (ecological and economic)
  • Biological — Harmful Algal Blooms — Management and restoration
  • Biological — Harmful Algal Blooms — Impacts (ecological and economic)
  • Human Dimensions — Blue Economy — Tourism
  • Human Dimensions — Watershed Management — Cooperative planning
  • Human Dimensions — Water Quality Policy and Management — State policy and strategies

Primary Stakeholder Audience

  • Decision making community (Government at all levels)

Program Focus

Coordinators for each Great Lake lead agency efforts and support collaboration among local, regional, and international partners to improve the Great Lakes.

Lake Erie - Contact: Michelle Selzer (
Lake Huron - Contact: Bretton Joldersma (
Lake Michigan - Contact: Matt Preisser (
Lake Superior - Contact: Stephanie Swart (