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March 2017 Workshop Materials

The 2017 Michigan Water Collaboration Network Workshop generated lessons for state-university partnerships as well as productive conversations about new areas for partnerships to emerge. The following lessons and notes can be used by workshop participants and others to spark new, or deepen existing, state-university partnerships:

If you have any questions, please contact Dieter ( at the University of Michigan Water Center.

October 2015 Workshop Materials

The State of Michigan Water Collaboration Network held a kick-off workshop on October 9, 2015 in Roscommon, Michigan. View the workshop  agenda, plenary session slides, and breakout session notes. You may also be interested in the feedback-response document, which summarizes comments we received at and after the event, and describes how we are or will be addressing them. Thank you for your input!

Getting the Most from the Collaboration Network

The collaboration network will continue to grow as members use it! Here is some guidance for updating or creating a profile and using the network's email functions to share announcements and develop targeted mailing lists. Do you have additional questions about how to best utilize the network? Email us!