Surface water monitoring

Program or Topic Area Leader

Dawn Roush


The four major goal of surface water monitoring programs in the Water Resources Division are:
· Assess the current status and condition of waters of the state and determine whether WQS are being met.
· Measure spatial and temporal water quality trends.
· Evaluate the effectiveness of water quality restoration and protection programs.
· Identify new and emerging water quality problems.

Program Expertise

  • Biological — Aquatic Invertebrate — Population dynamics and monitoring
  • Physical — Water Quality

Program Focus

The essential elements of the WRD's monitoring structure are:
· Water Chemistry
· Beaches and other Recreational Waters (pathogens)
· Biological Condition
· Fish Contaminants
· Inland Lake Quality and Eutrophication
· Wildlife Contaminants
· Sediment Chemistry
· Hydrology/Stream Geomorphology
· Volunteer Monitoring