Wetlands protection, restoration, monitoring/assessment, and regulation

Program or Topic Area Leader

Amy Lounds


The overarching goal of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s (MDEQ’s) Wetland Program is to protect, manage, and restore Michigan’s wetlands in order to provide the public benefits defined by the legislature in the Wetlands Protection law. The MDEQ uses several long term strategies to reach this goal, including:

• Maintaining a short-term goal of achieving no net loss of wetland acreage, function, and public value and a long-term goal of increasing the quantity and quality of Michigan’s wetlands through restoration and management.
• Protecting Michigan’s remaining wetlands through implementation of an effective and efficient regulatory program and maintaining administration of Section 404 of the federal Clean Water Act.
• Assessing and monitoring the quality and quantity of Michigan’s wetlands to improve wetland protection, management, and restoration.
• Working with partners to identify and develop methods to improve protection, management and restoration of Michigan’s Wetlands and advance public understanding and connection to Michigan wetlands.
• Protecting and restoration Great Lakes coastal wetlands and other rare wetlands.