Welcome to the State of Michigan Water Collaboration Network!

This professional network was established in 2015 and includes profiles of water-focused faculty members and institutions from across the state. Its purpose is to promote connections and collaborations around issues affecting Michigan’s water resources, with benefits for both the research community and state quality of life agency personnel. Michigan’s Quality of Life agencies include the Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), the Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).

Through this network, researchers can:

  • Form and enhance collaborative partnerships with other water-focused researchers, including those working on physical, chemical, biological, and/or human dimensions of water.
  • Locate specific expertise and/or equipment needed for current or future projects
  • Access state research and funding opportunities

The network also allows personnel from Michigan’s Quality of Life Agencies to:

  • Share information about state research needs and opportunities with a targeted audience of experts
  • Understand state research capacity around key water issues


Development of the Michigan Water Network was a collaborative effort between the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the University of Michigan Water Center, with guidance from an advisory committee comprised of public college/university leaders and state agency personnel.

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Contact: For more information about the network, please contact the U-M Water Center.

News and Events

We are requesting feedback on the timing, location, and format for the 2016 Water Collaboration Workshop. Please provide your thoughts via this brief survey.


Plenary slides and breakout session notes from the October 2015 Water Collaboration Workshop are now available on our resources page